spyder course

Moto Elite New Brunswick (MENB) is proud to provide to you a certified three-wheels / Ryker / Spyder mandatory training. The course takes place in a relaxed and user-friendly ambiance. Everything is reunited to favor your three-wheels motorcycle licensing.

Note: If you are doing a course for a 3-wheel motorcycle, you will be restricted to 3-wheel motorcycles only.


    Training available upon request: 

    • Theoretical course in class;
    • Practical courses on three-wheels / Ryker / Spyder vehicle; This training is personalized to fit the specific needs of every student.

    Please note that the training will take place on our Ryker / Spyder RT.

    Content of the training


    Mastering a three-wheels / CAN-AM Ryker / Spyder motorcycle;


    Developping preventive driving reflexes;


    Performing emergency manoeuvres;


    Performing the turnings effectively;


    Making a safe parking;


    The importance to avoid target fixation;


    Driving in a group on a three-wheels motorbike;


    Discussion about hydroplaning.

    Motorcycle licence is mandatory in New Brunswick to ride any of those three-wheels motorcycles:

    option of three-wheel motorcycles


    • Spyder RT
    • Spyder F3
    • Ryker

    Harley Davidson

    • Freewheeler
    • Road Glide 3
    • Tri Glide Ultra

    Polaris Slingshot

    Campagna Motors T-Rex

    For more information about the three-wheels motorcycle graduated driver licence (GDL) in New Brunswick and about the required safety equipments for the course (Link to the rules page)

    Cost and cancellation policy

    • The total price of the course is $549.99 and you will need to pay it while booking;
    • You can send your electronic-transfert payments to the following email address: motoelitenb@gmail.com

    All cancellations are subject to a $50.00 administration fee and must be done at least seven days before the first day of your course; No refunds will be granted for any cancellations made less than seven (7) days before the student course starting date.

    Those who enroll but do not attend or fail to complete the program, due to withdrawal or dismissal, will NOT be entitled to a refund.

     three-wheel motorcycles models

    Can-Am | Spyder RT

    Can-Am | Spyder F3

    Can-Am | Ryker

    Harley Davidson|Freewheeler

    Harley Davidson|Road Glide 3

    Harley Davidson|Tri Glide Ultra

    Polaris | Slingshot

    Campagna Motors | T-Rex

    Note: If you are doing a course for a 3-wheel motorcycle, you will be restricted to 3-wheel motorcycles only.


    Great motorcycle course! Lots of fun! Learn lots! Awesome experience trying all these different types of bikes for the first time. Highly recommended for anyone who’s new to riding. Ricky was a great instructor!

    Spencer Walton

    My experience with MotoEliteNB is awesome. The owner is a real motorcycle enthusiast and he knows his stuff (he has a lot of experience and interesting anecdotes to support the theoretical training). The service was very fast, courteous, professional and adaptable to my needs. I only have positive things to say.

    Michelle Sivret

    I had an excellent experience with moto élite nb and very satisfied with my course weekend I learned many things! Thanks again for the good service

    Yan Cameron

    Very good course even with experienced i learned a bunch of stuff the staff is very good and friendly ……

    very fair they make shure ur road ready so its a very good course for anybody with low experience they will answer all your question before going to the next excersise 15/10 for me….

    chip and rick are the best

    Yannick Vienneau

    Well worth the time, very informative and a good confidence booster for new riders.

    Adrian Olberg

    I just moved to Saint-Leonard so I was happy to know the school was right here. Great classmates and Ricky was great instructor.  Had a fun time. Was very hot weekend. I would highly recommend coming here.

    Ed Balogh

    I loved my training with Ricky and even after the class I still call him for questions and take the time to answer me! Thanks again, great motorcycle school!

    Steve Russo

    Ricky and Chip are great instructors, both lots of experience and will answer any questions.

    If you are nervous to go, either because of age or experience, these guys will make you feel welcomed.

    After your first few hours on a bike it turns into a friendship with others there and you support each other when you complet a drill.

    Highly recommend!

    Shawn Bard
    Grand Falls

    Very satisfied customer & I recommend people not to waste time making an appointment with the Moto Élite NB team. They have a super nice team and I loved it!! Thanks again for everything!! 😊

    Very satisfied client and will recommend Moto Elite NB to anyone and don’t wait to take an appointment with this great team that I adored very much. Thank you once again for everything. 🙂

    Carole Jalbert