Motorcycle Practice Quiz #1

This quiz if for Training and leaning

Motorcycle Practice Quiz #1

Motorcycle Practice Quiz #1

This quiz if for Training and leaning

Motorcycle Practice Quiz #1

Practice Your Written Test

The written test is mandatory to obtain a motorcycle, 3-wheel or scooter license. Here is the content found on the test and some sample tests to practice.
Driving Handbook Test

Yellow lines on the pavement divide traffic moving in the same direction. They are for your guidance and protection and can assist you in driving safely.

Your mirrors must enable you to see behind you on the highway for a distance of at least ________________.

Whenever a vehicle has stopped at a marked crosswalk or at an intersection to permit a pedestrian to cross the roadway it is permissable for the driver of any other vehicle approaching from the rear to overtake and pass the stopped vehicle.

Drivers who have consumed alcohol do not have complete control over themselves and therefore cannot be in control of a vehicle. They are a danger to their own lives and the lives of others.

Passengers age 16 years and older are responsible for buckling up themselves if seat belts are available.

When two vehicles enter an uncontrolled intersection (three or four way stop signs) at approximately the same time, you must yield to the driver on your __________.

A vehicle must be driven in the lane nearest the left hand edge of the highway, except when preparing to make a right turn or when passing another vehicle.

Radar Detectors; both possession and use of these devices are illegal in New Brunswick.

The driver of a vehicle intending to turn to the left must yield to any vehicle approaching from the opposite direction. While waiting, he/she should remember to keep wheels _____________ until ready to turn.

When is it illegal to drive a vehicle with studded tires?

You must always carry your driver’s licence when operating a vehicle. You must produce it for inspection to whom?

Headlights should illuminate people and vehicles on the highway at a minimum distance of ______________.

Backing procedures should be completed at a speed no faster than...

When a newly licensed driver loses all points he/she will be suspended by the Registrar.

Collisions not involving death or injury to those involved, but appear to include significant damage do NOT need to be reported to the police.

How far back does the handbook say lights on the back of our vehicle be visible from?

All vehicles have a “blind spot” in the right and left rear corners. As a driver, how can you confirm that there is no vehicle in your blindspot before changing lanes?

You must yield to pedestrians at all times, except at intersections where the movement of pedestrian traffic is being regulated by a peace officer or traffic control signs.

Speed limits indicate the maximum speed at which it is safe to drive under all conditions.

After a suspension for loss of points for offenses under the Motor Vehicle Act, you must take a Drinking & Driving Re-Education Course and pay a reinstatement fee.

Driving Handbook Test(Motorcycle)

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Driving Handbook
New Brunswick


Table Of Contents

1. Licensing Of Drivers

2. Registration Of Vehicles

3. Equipment

4. Rules Of The Road

5. Safe Driving

6. Sharing The Road

7. Traffic Signs

8. What Every Motorcyclist Must Know

9. Organ Transplantation And Donation

10. Additional Information Important To Drivers