Bike licence in New Brunswick

Moto Elite NB is proud to provide you with 3 wheel training. Everything takes place in a relaxed and jovial atmosphere.


Training available on request

    • Theoretical course by videoconference;
    • Practical course on 3 wheel vehicle;

This training is customized according to the needs of each student.

Please note that the training will take place on our Spyder and/or yours, if you prefer to use it.

Cost and cancellation policy

    • The total cost of the course is $549.99 (478.25+taxes) and is payable 14 days prior to the date of your course;
    • You can send your Interac transfer payments to;
    • All cancellations are subject to a $50.00 administration fee and must be done at least 7 days before the date of your course;

Materials and/or clothing required for training

    • Helmet – Must be of the correct size and meet applicable safety standards (DOT);
    • Gloves – Leather gloves that are resistant and cover wrists;
    • Boots – Low heel, sturdy boots covering ankle with non-slip sole (steel toe caps not recommended);
    • Coat – Long sleeve coat (denim, leather or ballistic nylon);
    • Pants – Long pants (preferably denim or leather)
    • Rainwear – Waterproof jacket and pants;
    • Sunglasses and/or goggles (without full face protection);
    • Equipment must be brought to the course for all sessions;
    • Clothing must be snug and free of tears and holes;
    • Water for drinking;
    • Written permission from your parents (under 18).


Sneakers and/or rubber boots will not be permitted for this training.

Content of the training

    • Mastering a 3-wheel motorcycle;
    • The operation of the clutch;
    • The importance of not setting a target;
    • Develop preventive driving;
    • Perform emergency manoeuvres;
    • Drive in a group;
    • Perform turns effectively;
    • Make safe parking lots;
    • Discussion on hydroplaning.

The 4 main stages of the licence

    1. Successfully complete the training at Moto Élite NB;
    2. Theoretical and visual examination at Service New Brunswick;
    3. Drive a minimum of 12 months with the Apprentice Driver Licence;
    4. Pass the Road Practical Test to obtain the 3-wheel licence.

Restriction of the 3-wheel apprentice driver’s licence

    • Drive alone, without passengers;
    • Drive without trailer;
    • Day driving only;
    • Maintain a blood alcohol concentration of 0%;
    • Minimum duration of 12 months.

Weather conditions

Please note, even if the weather is not always wonderful, the training will still take place. You must dress comfortably and warmly, considering the temperature.

Location of the training

76, Sainte Marie st
Saint-Léonard, NB
E7E 2A5

Choose your date

Course on request