Spencer Walton

Great motorcycle course! Lots of fun! Learn lots! Awesome experience trying all these different types of bikes for the first time. Highly recommended for anyone who’s new to riding. Ricky was a great instructor!

Michelle Sivret

My experience with MotoEliteNB is awesome. The owner is a real motorcycle enthusiast and he knows his stuff (he has a lot of experience and interesting anecdotes to support the theoretical training). The service was very fast, courteous, professional and adaptable to...

Yan Cameron

I had an excellent experience with moto élite nb and very satisfied with my course weekend I learned many things! Thanks again for the good service

Yannick Vienneau

Very good course even with experienced i learned a bunch of stuff the staff is very good and friendly …… very fair they make shure ur road ready so its a very good course for anybody with low experience they will answer all your question before going to...

Adrian Olberg

Well worth the time, very informative and a good confidence booster for new riders.