I drove 2.5 hours to attend the course and it was worth every minute of it. It was an treat being instructed by Chip and Ricky. The small class size (3 students in my case) meant more 1 on 1 time with the instructor, and more time on the bikes.  The class was a...

Chris Cunniff

Great course Ricky is a good instructor I highly recommend Moto Elite.

Alexandre Laroche

Do you want to do your motorcycle course!? I recommend this school! Good instructors with a lot of experience! Opportunity to try several motorcycle models! Don’t hesitate and do your motorcycle class too 😁🙂

Dominic Letourneau

really a good experience, we really understand the explanations he gives rick and chips, I highly recommend Motoelit NB

Richard Hache

Ricky and his team are very professional. And you’ll be on the road in no time. Very good selection of motorcycles, Thanks Ricky